Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, wack job.

Just the other day, I had this impulse to drive to Crawford Texas and run my Ford Explorer through the white crosses along the roadoutside of President Bush's ranch. I mourn every soldier, airman, sailor and marine who has died in the service to our country.I detest however a person, any person, using their memory to satisfy their personal needs. This woman, Cindy Sheehan, is obviouslya raving mental case. Obsessive compulsive would be polite. I mean she loses and son, then sacrifices her marriage at the alter of herown vanity. Being from California explains a lot, believe me I know, I lived there, twice. Not far from Vacaville where Sheehan is from.

My wife is from there. The people are wack. The state attracts weirdos like flies to manure. Ms Sheehan is obviously unbalanced.What will she have to fill that gaping void in her life after a dead son and marriage? Celebrity. In California, thats everything.She probably has a book deal in the offing already, movie of the week script is being written as I write, no doubt.

Anyway, my impluse to offroad across this detestible makeshift shrine was pre-empted by another truck driver last nite. Used his pickup. Nonews whether any charges were made.
As they say, don't mess with Texas. Ms Sheehan, go back to California and file for welfare. Your son signed up to be a soldier. The Armyis not some kind of nifty college financial aid loan. It is serious business. They train to kill people, and in so doing, some of them get killed too. Take your pathetic neurosis back from whence you came and stop trashing the Texas countryside. Isn't there a state lawagainst camping along public highways?


At 8:25 AM, Blogger John said...

Dude. What do you think your government does with dead soldiers? You don't think it uses them? It fills your head full of shit regarding honor and sacrifice, and you believe it. You can't go picking on Cindy for doing the same thing.

Incidently... if Cindy is "wack" for coming from that place... and your wife is from there as well... does it not reason out that she is also "wack"? It may explain her poor choice in husbands.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Godagesil said...

Actually Rusty, the government has resisted even letting the caskets returning from Iraq be photographed. Alas the media insisted, and so now we will be treated to a parade of flag draped corpses. I suppose this is part of their ongoing attempt to undermine the Publics will to see this through.

I am baffled by your deductive reasoning. Yes my wife is from California. But she left long before the current epidemic of unreasoning liberalism go to her part of the state.

I find it laughable that you need to engage in an ad homenim attack when we merely disagree about Cindy's motives and means.

You don't know me or what kind of husband I am. Dude. Suffice to say that it will probably take you three years to earn what I do in one, if you are lucky.

I wonder what Cindy thought her boy was signing up for when he enlisted in an organization whose sole purpose is to kill our countries enemies?

Honor and sacrifice is something that is obviously alien to you. My god aren't you lucky you were born an American. what would you have done if you hadn't been. Your experience in the world I'd wager is what you've seen on TV.
You probably have no real idea how the rest of the world lives. Why do you think people from other counties are willing to serve in our military to become citizens when native born sons like yourself think there is something wrong with it? It has probably never crossed your mind.


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